Steps to manualy setting your EVO into HDR Mode:

*Warning: Manually forcing your phone into HDR Mode or Digital Mode my cause issues like your PRL going into 0000 IF your phone has been MEID repaired. You know who you are so do not attempt this if your HTC EVO was MEID repaired. Only try this if your are sure your HTC EVO was not MEID repaired.

Setting your HTC EVO into HDR mode should be done to confirm 3G in your area.

[Using QPST]

1.Dial ##3424# (Sets your phone in Diag mode).
2.Connect your EVO to PC thourgh USB.
3.Open QPST.
4.Start Clients>Service Programming.
5.Read from phone.
6.Go to System tab.
7.Set your Preffered Mode to: HDR only
8.Write to Phone.

Reboot your phone and your HTC EVO should now be forced to connect to 3G!
You guys can check to see if your conecting to EvDo signal by download the Advanced Settings App.
Open the app and go into Phone Information, take a look at your Network Type it should now say CDMA- EvDo rev. A!

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